Advanced Yoga Poses

Advanced Back Bend Yoga Poses

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Hey there, budding yogis! Welcome to the heart of Rishikesh, where our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course is weaving the magic of back bends.

Today, we’re taking a friendly stroll through five enchanting poses that will make your spine sing:

Eka Pada Chakrasana + Dimbasana, Anjneya Asana, Purnabujangasana, Purnanatrajasana, and Vrischikasana.

Grab your mats, find your groove, and let’s dive into the world of blissful bending!

1. Eka Pada Chakrasana + Dimbasana (One-Legged Wheel Pose):

Imagine yourself in a wheel shape, lifting one leg, and adding a wild twist – that’s Eka Pada Chakrasana + Dimbasana! 

It helps build and develop strength and balance. The shoulders and the chest are opened all the way up, which is great for opening the Anahata(heart chakra)

So, spread your wings and soar into the joy of this playful pose.

2. Anjneya Asana (Low Lunge):

Next up, let’s embrace Anjneya Asana, or Low Lunge. Step one foot forward, sink into the stretch, and feel the grounding energy. 

This pose not only flexes your hips and thighs but also invites a sense of stability.  Picture yourself as a warrior, rooted to the ground, ready to face the day with strength and grace.

3. Purnabujangasana (Full Cobra Pose):

Now, let’s explore the serpentine beauty of Purnabujangasana, or Full Cobra Pose. Imagine lifting your chest, elongating your spine, and letting the cobra within awaken. 

This pose not only strengthens your back muscles but also encourages a gentle heart opening. 

So, slither into the elegance of Purnabujangasana and embrace the power within.

4. Purnanatrajasana (Full Dancer Pose):

Get ready to dance through the yoga flow with Purnanatrajasana, or Full Dancer Pose. Stand tall, grab your foot, and let your body sway like a dancer in the wind. 

This pose not only enhances balance but also opens up your chest and stretches your thighs. An advanced version of the standard Natraj Pose, it frees your inner dancer shine and helps express the joy of movement.

5. Vrischikasana (Scorpion Pose):

Our journey concludes with the majestic Vrischikasana, or Scorpion Pose. 

Picture yourself in a forearm stand, legs reaching overhead – like a scorpion ready to explore the world upside down. 

This pose not only strengthens your arms and shoulders but also fosters a sense of fearlessness. So, flip your perspective and let the adventurous spirit of Vrischikasana guide you.

Advanced Backbend Asanas Course in Rishikesh

At our Yoga Alliance certified Yoga school, we teach much more than these  asanas in our 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program. 

If you want to go to the next level and learn from an authentic master of the Backbend, contact us today to book your seat!

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